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Thread: Black Eye Peas

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNtell3kT
    and dont see the problem, how can u critisize somthing u never listen to? u guys act like the mainstreams lame when a lot of the underground is the same
    Now, now, Intellekt go to your room while the big kids speak about "Hip Hop", maybe one day you'll know what that is too!

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    On Mainstream 'n' Underground:

    The underground is DEFINITELY better than the mainstream, hands down. The underground is a circuit, where artists actually have respect for hip-hop and aren't sell-outs who make corny crap records for money, the mainstream is the opposite to that. There are some real MC's and groups in the mainstream, but they will always get pimped by the execs and big labels, it's fact. Not saying I don't listen to mainstream artists, I do... but A LOT more underground ones, who generally, in this age in hip-hop... are A LOT better.

    On Black Eyed Peas:

    Pure garbage, absoloute shit. Sellout fucks. I have no respect for them... I wouldn't go to see one of their shows if the tickets were handed to me for free... because I feel I'd be selling out myself. Positive message? BS, if the negative message and image is in fashion next week they'll be rocking that... sellout fucks like that will do anything for money.

    My 2 Cents.

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