Sajaha 13

Two huge carrion-eating animals I see on the ground - and I can not say when.

They have heads like human heads, but bodies of gray pigs, but their feet have claws like wild monster hands. And on the head every monster has five stunted horns. Although the heads are almost like human heads, but unspeakably ugly. Their noses are broad, such as the odd pig or monkey. Their mouths are bulging caves. Their eyes look like black stones that have no gloss. And their necks are fat.

They trudge through the gardens of the country and devour everything. They wade through the rivers and seas and devour everything. They crawl through the city streets and eat everything. What do they eat, however, is what decays by itself before them to carrion.

But men are so much afraid of the two carrion-eating animals that they die from fear of them. And that alone is the reason that the bad animals are getting bigger and fatter and more powerful, because people do not see that the monsters can not eat nothing but carrion, hence must be very afraid of life, however.

Long it stays that way. Up in the silence a massive spear is being manufactured, in seclusion from the other people who are afraid and just do not dare to fight. One, however, builds his spear, and Ishtar himself helps him to strengthen the weapon, and Bel arms ...

(end of the fragment)