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Thread: Your View on LSD

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    j-cee we need to talk about you mailing me some stamps. its hard to find good postage round these parts.

    oh yeah i tried salvia for the first time last month and i will NEVER do it again. i took a massive hit of 60x and a wave swept across the room.
    the world turned into something i can best describe as hardwood flooring. the walls the furniture even my sister all became a light pinewood flooring type material like a basketball court. then the room stretched out for miles in each direction, like infinitely.

    i felt stranded and helpless. my sister said that i started laughing hysterically and then fell face first to the ground and started drooling like a vegetable. lol

    i came to, barely remembering any of it, but it wasn't enlightening or fun. it was like a short circuit. but... i could imagine that the feeling is similar to how dying feels. so in that respect i could say i learned something.

    it only lasted 3 mins.
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