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Thread: Beanie Sigel Apologizes

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    Today I look at how Beans finally apologized to Jay and how good that is for hip hop.


    It took a few years, some average diss tracks, a 1 day long alliance with one of the titans of rap and a lot of fans shaking their heads in pity, but finally Beanie Sigel has decided to come out and publicly apologize to Jay-Z for all the shit heís said. And as a long-time Beans fan I couldnít be happier to see this because now he can finally move forward and just start making incredible music again. As much as beef can sometimes be entertaining in hip hop, this saga has produced nothing but disappointment and a sense that one of the greatest most underrated MCs had truly fallen all the way the fuck off. Hopefully this reconciliation provides Sigel with an opportunity to get back to making that raw honest hip hop he consistently did for a decade straight.

    So why is this apology such a good thing and not a bitch move? I mean in hip hop isnít it about beating your competition down with verses until they cave and accept defeat? If that was the case then Jay-Z would have been deaded a long time ago and Canibus would be the most celebrated MC in the game. Naw, hip hop is mature now, and these days itís about assessing the situation and determining what is best for yourself, not how many bars you can knockout another rapper with. Beans even said he had an entire album of Roc-A-Fella disses but didnít want to put it out there, now thatís some respectable shit.

    The last few years of Beans career have been depressing really. I think we all knew that 50 Cent collaboration wasnít the start of anything but merely just another way for 50 to gain some attention while using someone who was running off pure emotion. The diss tracks, while lyrically up to the high standard that Sigel has always been at, still fell all the way flat and barely even made a blip on the radar. Shit I donít remember a single bar in that one 7 minute joint. It sounded more like desperation than dissing anyway. Then when Jay (in typical Jay fashion) did-he-or-did-he-not address the situation by flipping the standard ďlead a horse to waterĒ proverb it just made Beans look weak and pathetic. It was essentially the nail in the coffin.

    So after some reflection Iím sure Beanie Sigel realized that no amount of Hov slander would ever convince anyone of anything other than that Beans himself was desperate for attention and bitter about being ďleft behindĒ (in Jayís defense, The B. Coming didnít say ďDame Dash Music GroupĒ for any reason other than Beansí own decision) so he manned up and did what anybody who wants to keep eating off rap did, he apologized, and with that we can only hope his career is resurrected and we can get more classics from Sigel. Rather than dwelling on past troubles Beans finally realized that Jay gave him an opportunity that so few people had or ever will have and that above all else he needed to just appreciate that, and thatís all he ever needed to do.

    Up next from Beans is a mixtape (and album apparently) with DJ Green Lantern. I think I can speak for all Beanie Sigel fans when I say I will be incredibly happy to see him get back to focusing on making good music instead of finding new ways to complain about an old problem. At this point anything that happened amidst the Roc-A-Fella break-up is old news and half the rap fans nowadays donít even remember when the Roc was poppiní so they ainít gonna give a shit about old beefs. Beanie Sigel is back and the rap game is better because of it, now we just need some more of that Truth from the Broad Street Bully.

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    wit me yeah, the way i've come up, i stay out of grown folks bizness, i'm just guessing jay didn't rat on beans at that concert and it must have been the concert promoter who called feds on him for randomly being there, you get what i'm saying, for beans too squash that shit
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    didnt seem like an 'apology' to me

    who cares these days though

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