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Thread: Wu-Wear December 1994 - Teen Summit

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    Default Wu-Wear December 1994 - Teen Summit

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    Damn I was 2 back then

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    Default Tellem y u mad son!

    Helly Hansen gear is the shyt! they need to bring that back! fuckk all that photoshop brush print tight-assed bullshyt thats in the stores right now. which i think is SO ugly:


    I can make these shyts my damn self! Why would I purchase CRAP like this!?!?!? Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nautica were all the dopest gears out back in the days.. it was shyt like this people wouldnt mind dropping cash on, not this tight ass shyt niggas is wearin these days!
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    that shirt behind meth is sick
    im liking it

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