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    Default Beats from NoiseBeat

    I will post here my musical actuality (i mean the hip hop part).
    I will post my new beats here: http://www.reverbnation.com/zbn
    Or i'll give you a megaupload link.

    Ok let's begin with the Vigilante Breakbeat Compilation Vol.1
    Vigilantes and euro-crimes movies mixed on dirty breakbeat...
    If you like this trailer, download the full archive @ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I4Z80AM6

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    "Wiolence à Main Armée", is back with a new cover painted by GrisFx of the "Grenier Gris": http://grisfxart.blogspot.com



    Good download, and see you with new beats.

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    New track of the collaboration between Wc and the LPI crew:
    Tripalium: http://wiolenceconjugale.free.fr/mp3...-tripalium.mp3
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    Here is 2 new tracks with the LPI crew:
    Profiteurs: http://wiolenceconjugale.free.fr/mp3...profiteurs.mp3
    ...Grince Les Dents: http://wiolenceconjugale.free.fr/mp3...-les-dents.mp3

    If you need beats for your rap, ask me, i will be happy to found US collab' !

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    I realised this 2 beats for the soundtrack of the french SF comic
    TETARIS:http://tetaris.blogspot.com (it's in french laguage , but there is cool pix)

    You can listen to my part here:

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