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Thread: Moon Diver

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    Default Moon Diver

    Moon Diver A.K.A. Necromachina is a side scrolling platformer published by Squarenix. The director of this game is Koichi Yotsui, who also directed the classic arcade game Strider. Everything that made Strider such a classic game, is on Moon Diver with the difference of the 4 co-op story mode.

    Official Trailer

    Some random review

    The game is cool, if any one here is a fan of Strider or even side scrolling platforming games should give this game a try.
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    I've had the demo of this for a while now, I quite like it but my friend who I play Hard Corps Rising with online and who I was hoping would get this game with me really dislikes it for some reason even though we're both fans of Strider.

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