some material from my stash, beginning of my bookie phase...
I spend my days rearranging a decimal point,
adding commas like good grammar
with so many zeroes look like a whole bunch of nothing
Ďtil the number 5 on the left stand up
but like R. Kelly I wish
but still Iím aí tell you this, Iím rich
the steel Iím aí fill you with does not miss
if thatís how you wannaí whistle with no lips
take it how you wannaí...I relate like bloodlines to corners
do away with newcomers, now they gonners
spent a few summers in a greenhouse raising the cash
my n!ggas call me foot Ďcause I stay in that ass
you gottaí breakdown just to stay around or get thrown in the trash
watch your weight, pack candles when stacking cake
donít procrastinate or be a close casket face
or a sandwich short of a picnic basket case
after you stash the cash, stash the safe
Iím aí spit a rap on acetate
plus leave a nigga duct and masking taped
I donít give a f#ck what I spit out my mouth nowadays
haters ainít making it no better
so I donít understand what you talking about when you bark at the mouth
only reality is being a go-getter
and a no-quitter...I stand and deliver
before I go outside, yeah, I stand in the mirror
and you can still watch as I handstand on a mister
my thing-thing giving a brain cramp to his sister
I make niggasí careers like good clothes they not wearing...
...gottaí hang it up
they say itís not fair when I step in they world like an illegal alien,
dig deep in they pockets, possess they inheritance
and I ride the heart beat to they cardiovascular tracks
en route to they cardiac to kidnap
I figure this much, about ten digits
is what Iím aí reach for, plus Iím aí reach with Ďem
grab the butts of two cannons tight as I grab
the butts of my boos janet and susanna
you wonít like me when Iím angry
these metal rain drops tear through layers of clothes like bruce banner
an Army of One Thousand Hurting,
and itís for certain Iím stomping a beat down...
...anyway, increase the peace...