assemble the verbs, assemble the nouns, assemble the clowns
watch me burn this cipher down roast down/
did cha ever load it up did cha ever
speak to an A&R drunk of the Gin and Tonic/
did cha ever get bionic off the fixed state high on chronic,
did cha cipher drunk then punch cha best friend for no reason/
assemble the odds assemble the lord of chaos and order
assemble the death and creation in one and give e'm orders/
assemble the opposite and watch the opposite reaction
did cha ever disrespect someone then years later u friends/
did cha think someone was kosher then you find out
they snakes in the grass hold up in the bank with a forty five and cash/
did cha ever think you rhyme like this and talk like that
did cha ever think it was for the press, cameras and fame/
or was it the money, fame and pussy that gotcha gassed
slashed and dashed the every flow written is another dart being spit/