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Thread: Wisemen - Children Of A Lesser God

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    Default Wisemen - Children Of A Lesser God

    1. Intro
    2. Children of a Lesser God
    3. Thirsty Fish (ft Raekwon)
    4. Faith Doctrine (feat Beace)
    5. Interlude: Don't Nut in My Bed!
    6. Lucy
    7. Get U Shot
    8. Hurt Lockers
    9. The Illness 2
    10. Words from Big Rube (feat Big Rube of The Dungeon Family)
    11. I Gotta Know
    12. Listen to the Wisemen (feat Minister Watson)
    13. Panic in Vision Park
    14. Do It Again
    15. Interlude - Toxic
    16. Makes Me Want a Shot
    17. Victorious Hood (feat Victorious and Planet Asia)
    18. Corn Liquor Thoughts
    19. Outro - Hip Hop Blues

    This has been out for a while. How is it?
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    damn i wish i could tell you i cant find this album anywhere
    "karma hits like justice but without the satisfaction" - HADEZ the human torch

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    there's a whole thread about it already:


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