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Thread: Corky vs. IMT (Inspectah Meth-Tical)

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    Default Corky vs. IMT (Inspectah Meth-Tical)

    Yo its tough starting off this battling shit,
    I break off ya mom proper by rattling her clit,
    don't mean to be offensive, but thats just my nature,
    I lay down the law, no need for legislature,
    Glad you took the challenge, but tough task to pass,
    Rhymes you kicked to Kingshyt? they rank in lower class,
    My ass crack can spit better trash than you,
    that's not saying much, since it leaks steamy poo,
    INS and Meth are two of my favorites,
    Tical is a Classic, we all should savor it,
    but your lines don't match too well with your name,
    and I hit ya dame's snatch, it'll never be the same,
    My lyrics are quirky, why you think they call me Corky,
    I like to go H.A.M., but your mom's a bit too porky,
    16 bars of vulgarity, and I'm just about to be done,
    your newly acquired brother, well...let's just say he's my son!
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