He actually may not call it MW2...he may go with like 'Even Muddier' or something along those lines and your wayyyy over analyzing the video, Blue & Cream is a seperate project from SC2. It was always 3 seperate projects.


The first is an album due December 14 called The Apollo Kids. Ghostface announced the record in a tweet earlier today (October 12), and while little else is known in terms of details - like if this is a compilation or a proper studio album - his 2000 hit "Apollo Kids" stands as one of his most universally loved songs.

In addition to the winter release, Prefix reports that Ghostface is working on two more albums. One is called Blue & Cream and the other is a sequel to his breakthrough 2000 album, Supreme Clientele, simply called Supreme Clientele 2. This follows Raekwon's epic Cuban Linx sequel and the GZA's upcoming Liquid Swords 2.