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A gay dude is your hero cuz he played a fictional bad ass in a movie who does not exist irl?

Definition of HERO

A man admired for his achievements and noble qualities


So, let me get this right. You think homos have noble qualities? - Like getting rammed in the exit?
I was talking about my sig not my avatar. I don't know much about the guy that played Sosa and I STILL don't care. My sig was of Monty Python the greatest comedy team ever. One of the members was gay. Admire him for his achievements? yes I fucking do. 'The Holy Grail', 'Life Of Brian', 'The Meaning Of Life' and the TV series. Easily some of the most ahead of their time and intelligent comedies ever made.

Nobility has to do with character, which I don't give a fuck about. Its not like I'm ever gonna meet most of my heroes. I just enjoy their work. Also I don't think whether you get "rammed in the exit" has anything to do with someones character.

You're actually starting to sound a bit too angry about this.