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Thread: Damn.....Inspectah Deck could have been top 10 ever.

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    Inspektah Meth-Tical

    Default Damn.....Inspectah Deck could have been top 10 ever.

    Back then when the Wu first came in 1993, Deck was the MVP of the Clan. He had all the hot verses..he had the most complex scheme..he had a dope voice (maybe not the best but still dope).....he could get mad deep on tracks.....he could flow water......he could murder........he said smart intelligent shit....had mad versatality

    The CREAM song which is bascially the Wu-Tang anthem is known for Deck's amazing verse....He was meant to drop his solo in 1995/6 with all the other elite Wu members but the flood washed out everything....i think if the original came out Deck's album would have been a classic and he would have had a legendary career...

    instead he had to drop it in 1999 when the Wu sorta had a bad streak.....and some of the shit on the album wasn't that hot...RZA should of done most of the production with one or two produced by Deck himself.

    Deck has always been the MVP of the Clan albums when the Wu was in their prime (36 Chambers and Forever)...he had the hottest shit. Triumph, Heaterz, For Heavens Sake, It's Yourz, A Better Tommorow....he had the hottest verse on Gangstarr's Moment of Truth hell he even had top 5 verses on Rae/Ghost and GZA's album.

    The thing is he never had a classic album like the elite members of the Wu (GZA - Liquid Swords, Raekown - OBFCL, GFK (countless), Method Man - Tical, Masta Killa - No Said Date).

    I feel bad for Deck...he's one of my favorites. He just never had that classic album which would have made him immortal.

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