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Thread: Wu-Tang biography coming.

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    Default Wu-Tang biography coming.

    Hip-Hop history. The generic term has been used to describe every backdate to ever occur in the music genre’s timeline, but there are much stronger roots to found in the top soil. Professional scribe, rap aficionado, Alvin Blanco has had his words transcribed in mags such as XXL, Giant, The Source, Vibe among others, but he recently distinguished his pen game as a published writer with The Wu-Tang Clan and RZA A Trip through Hip-Hop’s 36 Chambers.

    In a recent timeout with Fuse TV for their “Hip Hop Shop” segment, Blanco gave inspiration for documenting on the Wu Venn diagrams and legacies. There once was a time when the mighty collective needed no introduction or credential reference but time has made them an afterthought yet their history is indeed forever.

    video with the author inside...

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    If I already have the Wu-Tang Manual and The Tao of Wu, then should I really shell out my hard earned money for another wu book?

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