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Thread: Chaotic Art in the End

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    Default Chaotic Art in the End

    Days are dark when hearts are dry and tears are running wide as a ravine
    that flood gates can't contain or maintain making it the opposite of regain/
    never inside propane so hard no-mar oh so hard cha travel
    get cha sponsor from mo-par your no Omar as I cold cutting flows at shows
    make a mow know the glow show the ohms now you notice my wattage/
    out cha cottage got cha cheese right here
    fear the hand of fate as I wait with chaos tatted on my chest/
    never depths I wouldn't travel to be a modern marvel
    two scoops like some of the thirty one flavors of caravel/
    pardon my speech I leave teams deep in knees they can't even squeeze
    feed my grieves with graves of the saved waved by to anything reasonable/
    now it feasible to rip heads off and leave them headless
    you ain't cutlass class like Oldsmobile so wheel and deal/
    get cha skill pealed with wide eyes shut
    minds get gutted when bad teachers approach my ciphers/
    wired off the aide you ain't even gatoring when i'm raiding
    steamrolling open nozzle propagate when I administrate/
    complicate the omnibus you penning over corners you porn-star
    I hit her harder than an S&M scene in your lastest snuff film/
    sick kills get me top billing word willing ain't that thrilling
    pitch heaters with enough cushion to push through/
    fish crews worms get pillaged never documenting
    when ever your numerating i'm broom sweeping you out cha ball parks/
    more sparks let cha darts fly button your mind
    gutter spines get removed like a trojan virus/
    wired cha iris I am the nicest chaos never always displaying odds
    crafting cards that a massacre to any valentine coming at my style/
    build bricklayers sick slayer since '98 i've been slicing tapes
    awaken flaking white colar silo soder mind proder didn't cha get the order/
    my memos be demos you ain't even on my list
    speak with a gift given a production i'm on it pronto/
    armed honcho arm chair condo master blast after past
    shafting gas plastering cats in dry wall beats over concrete raps sheets/

    prose and the flow, show and proving
    skill moving spit boosting it's how we moving it
    its a product put together and package
    it's art in the end you know its your end

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    I take ahold of the globe workin my way up
    comin from the bottom of the totem pole
    like fool who rhymes you stole me original
    solid old gold dont front i know i got yall open tho
    this my 100 plus post but im all over the atlas
    its sorta likr im runnin the show make moves
    like benkins and coakley brothas justice and there aint anotha
    except of the few the proud the true 25,000
    i just made my point so im a wrap it out and cross the threshold
    no crew no help i perform like houdini tho at every show
    and make my aim visable like a 2011 bet video
    if you aint with the god fuck you
    i take it as an insult to even exist in existence
    and not b prepared to go the distance
    these cats nowadays try to fake us out like a mason
    on the 1st degree when its too many left frankly fake men devils
    stop fuckin with me i start my own group and coop
    Right outside.

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