before the current technocratic ( dictator installed on behalf of the world banking community, people should read 'the age between the techocratic era' by Zbigniew Brzezinski' which fully supports banking dictaroships.. Brzezinski has been part of the us government for over 40 years... major player... read his books.. this shit is not a conpiracy.. its all been laid out)

anyway yeah before the current financial dictator was installed.. the greeks should have begun a populous movement, ,,
even more so the rest of europe (spain/portugal/eire) their populations have never had a chance to vote whether they wanted to be part of the e.u
this has all been done over the heads of the people (coming to a continent near you)

shit is shocking, even more so the mainstream media, dont show us any other way.. the cash / fiat / debt based system is DEAD.

its so dead, that the elite are confiscating equity (real wealth) ie. land, they now own greece.. lol so much so.. the hedge funds are suing the greek public in the european human rights court.. LOLOLOLOL

this shit is more fucked up than any fictitious work of creative writing...

im with the people of greece. having your sovereignty sold out, with no say..

is this the world the ignorant(apathetic) fucks that make up the mass population of the world want?