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Thread: general strike & riots in greece

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    before the current technocratic ( dictator installed on behalf of the world banking community, people should read 'the age between the techocratic era' by Zbigniew Brzezinski' which fully supports banking dictaroships.. Brzezinski has been part of the us government for over 40 years... major player... read his books.. this shit is not a conpiracy.. its all been laid out)

    anyway yeah before the current financial dictator was installed.. the greeks should have begun a populous movement, ,,
    even more so the rest of europe (spain/portugal/eire) their populations have never had a chance to vote whether they wanted to be part of the e.u
    this has all been done over the heads of the people (coming to a continent near you)

    shit is shocking, even more so the mainstream media, dont show us any other way.. the cash / fiat / debt based system is DEAD.

    its so dead, that the elite are confiscating equity (real wealth) ie. land, they now own greece.. lol so much so.. the hedge funds are suing the greek public in the european human rights court.. LOLOLOLOL

    this shit is more fucked up than any fictitious work of creative writing...

    im with the people of greece. having your sovereignty sold out, with no say..

    is this the world the ignorant(apathetic) fucks that make up the mass population of the world want?

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    funny how this new world order police force.. is the same all over the world..

    they attend peaceful protests in full body gear,,
    and are the ones who commit the 1st acts of violence against the peaceful protesters, then they retort with extreme violence..

    lol at the fools who still support the police state..

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    thats the headquarters of some major greek newspapers
    the spray paint says "you are finished"

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    couple of days old sorry, from zerohedge.com

    Anonymous Hacks Greek Ministry Website, Demands IMF Withdrawal, Threatens It Will Wipe Away All Citizen Debts

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/21/2012 18:31 -0500

    If there is one war that Greece could not afford to join, that is with the global computer hacking collective known as Anonymous. Yet as of minutes ago, that is precisley what happened, after Anonymous, as part of what it now calls Operation Greece, took down the Greek Ministry of Justice (http://www.ministryofjustice.gr/). While the pretext for the hacking appears to have been an arrest of the wrong people, is seems to have angered Anonymous to the point where they have left an extended message of demands on the Greek website, warning that unless the IMF withdraws from the country and the government resigns, all debts of Greek citizens will be wiped clean.

    Translated from the Greek:
    Citizens of Greece
    We are Anonymous.
    We watch every day your government abolishes the constitution and institutions of the country.
    We see them leading you closer and closer to poverty.
    We see them pass laws that deprive you of any right to dignity.
    We see them and deliver the country to the IMF and the bankers.
    We know about the soup kitchens in schools,
    for people who are left jobless and now wait in queues for a plate of food.
    We know that your country voted ACTA in your effort to silence and other Greeks.
    We know everything ...
    The Republic in Greece has died.
    He died while a government that has not been elected by the people.
    And for this reason that the time for discussion came and went.
    Not negotiating anything with any of those who murdered him.
    Can you hunt as you like, you can even capture some of us,
    When you attempt to silence us ...
    But for every one that will capture 3 others will spring up. There are 5 or 10 or 100.
    Now the Greeks are all Anonymous.
    We are millions against you and the 300 in this war tear gas will not help you.
    Occupying Government of Greece
    These days are going to vote for a bill that will be the last nail in the coffin of the Greek.
    A bill to return the country to a totalitarian rule.
    To bring the country and its people in absolute poverty.
    We will not allow another misery to the Greek people.
    We demand your resignation immediately, and elections.
    We demand not paid a cent to moneylenders 'friends' you.
    We demand the immediate withdrawal of the IMF from Greece.
    The Justice Department was only a small sample of what we're capable of doing
    Even you have not seen the full wrath of Anonymous.
    For each article of a bill that would shame the vote,
    we will shut the system and deleting an Inland Revenue debts of Greek citizens
    Debts which requires them to fascist pay.
    Can the demonstrations of the Greeks to their encounter with incredible violence,
    anexelekta hitting, but the internet is our field. And I love this war.
    We are many and we will be brief.
    Citizens of Greece, Anonymous is now fighting on your side ...
    Government of Greece, let us wait ...

    E X P E C T U S !
    J U S T I C E I S C O M I N G!

    By my understanding, the internet is the free market,.

    anonymous are threatening to do what teh financiers should be doing. debt jubilee..
    and restart the system and make accountable..

    everyone should check their local pirate parties

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    27 Statistics About The European Economic Crisis That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

    The economic crisis in Europe continues to get worse and eventually it is going to unravel into a complete economic nightmare. All over Europe, national governments have piled up debts that are completely unsustainable. But whenever they start significantly cutting government spending it results in an economic slowdown. So politicians in Europe are really caught between a rock and a hard place. They can't keep racking up these unsustainable debts, but if they continue to cut government spending it is going to push their economies into deep recession and their populations will riot. Greece is a perfect example of this. Greece has been going down the austerity road for several years now and they are experiencing a full-blown economic depression, riots have become a way of life in that country and their national budget is still not anywhere close to balanced. Americans should pay close attention to what is going on in Europe, because this is what it looks like when a debt party ends. Most of the nations in the eurozone have just started implementing austerity, and yet unemployment in the eurozone is already the highest it has been since the euro was introduced. It has risen for 10 months in a row and is now up to 10.8 percent. Sadly, it is going to go even higher. As economies across Europe slide into recession, that is going to put even more pressure on the European financial system. Most Americans do not realize this, but the European banking system is absolutely enormous. It is nearly four times the size that the U.S. banking system is. When the European banking system crashes (and it will) it is going to reverberate around the globe. The epicenter of the next great financial crisis is going to be in Europe, and it is getting closer with each passing day.
    The following are 27 statistics about the European economic crisis that are almost too crazy to believe....
    #1 The Greek economy shrank by 6 percent during 2011, and it has been shrinking for five years in a row.
    #2 The average unemployment rate in Greece in 2010 was 12.5 percent. During 2011, the average unemployment rate was 17.3 percent, and now the unemployment rate in Greece is up to 21.8 percent.
    #3 The youth unemployment rate in Greece is now over 50 percent.
    #4 The unemployment rate in the port town is Perama is about 60 percent.
    #5 In Greece, 20 percent of all retail stores have closed down during the economic crisis.
    #6 Greece now has a debt to GDP ratio of approximately 160 percent.
    #7 Some of the austerity measures that have been implemented in Greece have been absolutely brutal. For example, Greek civil servants have had their incomes slashed by about 40 percent since 2010.
    #8 Despite all of the austerity measures, it is being projected that Greece will still have a budget deficit equivalent to 7 percent of GDP in 2012.
    #9 Greece is still facing unfunded liabilities in future years that are equivalent to approximately 800 percent of GDP.
    #10 In the midst of all the poverty in Greece, several serious diseases are making a major comeback. The following comes from a recent article in the Guardian....
    #11 The unemployment rate in Spain is now up to 23.6 percent.
    #12 The youth unemployment rate in Spain is now over 50 percent.
    #13 The total value of all toxic loans in Spain is equivalent to approximately 13 percent of Spanish GDP.
    #14 The GDP of Spain is about 1.4 trillion dollars. The three largest Spanish banks have approximately 2.7 trillion dollars in assets and they are all on the verge of failing.
    #15 Home prices in Spain fell by 11.2 percent during 2011.
    #16 The number of property repossessions in Spain rose by 32 percent during 2011.
    #17 The ratio of government debt to GDP in Spain will rise by more than 11 percent during 2012.
    #18 On top of everything else, Spain is dealing with the worst drought it has seen in 70 years.
    #19 The unemployment rate in Portugal is up to 15 percent.
    #20 The youth unemployment rate in Portugal is now over 35 percent.
    #21 Banks in Portugal borrowed a record 56.3 billion euros from the European Central Bank in March.
    #22 It is being projected that the Portuguese economy will shrink by 5.7 percent during 2012.
    #23 When you add up all forms of debt in Portugal (government, business and consumer) the total is equivalent to approximately 360 percent of GDP.
    #24 Youth unemployment in Italy is up to 31.9 percent - the highest level ever.
    #25 Italy's national debt is approximately 2.7 times larger than the national debts of Greece, Ireland and Portugal put together.
    #26 If you add the maturing debt that the Italian government must roll over in 2012 to the projected budget deficit, it comes to approximately 23.1 percent of Italy's GDP.
    #27 Italy now has a debt to GDP ratio of approximately 120 percent.
    So why hasn't Europe crashed already?
    Well, the powers that be are pulling out all their tricks.
    For example, the European Central Bank decided to start loaning gigantic mountains of money to European banks. That accomplished two things....
    1) It kept those European banks from collapsing.
    2) European banks used that money to buy up sovereign bonds and that kept interest rates down.
    Unfortunately, all of this game playing has also put the European Central Bank in a very vulnerable position.
    The balance sheet of the European Central Bank has expanded by more than 1 trillion dollars over the past nine months. The balance sheet of the European Central Bank is now larger than the entire GDP of Germany and the ECB is now leveraged 36 to 1.
    So just how far can you stretch the rubberband before it snaps?
    Perhaps we are about to find out.
    The European financial system is leveraged like crazy right now. Even banking systems in countries that you think of as "stable" are leveraged to extremes.
    For example, major German banks are leveraged 32 to 1, and those banks are holding a massive amount of European sovereign debt.
    When Lehman Brothers finally collapsed, it was only leveraged 30 to 1.
    You can't solve a debt crisis with more debt. But the European Central Bank has been able to use more debt to kick the can down the road a few more months.
    At some point the sovereign debt bubble is going to burst.
    All financial bubbles eventually burst.
    What goes up must come down.
    Right now, the major industrialized nations of the world are approximately 55 trillion dollars in debt.
    It has been a fun ride, but this fraudulent pyramid of risk, debt and leverage is going to come crashing down at some point.
    It is only a matter of time.
    Already, there are a whole bunch of signs that some very serious economic trouble is on the horizon.
    Hopefully we still have a few more months until it hits.
    But in this day and age nothing is guaranteed.
    What does seem abundantly clear is that the current global financial system is inevitably going to fail.
    When it does, what "solutions" will our leaders try to impose upon us?
    That is something to think about.

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