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Thread: Vakill - Armor of God

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    Default Vakill - Armor of God

    1. Intro
    2. Hi Ate Us (produced by Panik)
    3. Armor of God (produced by Jake One)
    4. Mean Mug Muzik (produced by Panik)
    5. Sick Cinema (produced by Panik)
    6. Heavy (produced by Panik)
    7. Endless Road f/Vizion (produced by Bluntologist)
    8. The Apology (produced by Joe Blow)
    9. Wild Wild (produced by Bluntologist)
    10. Beast Ballad f/Crooked I, Rhymefest, Juice & Nino Bless (produced by Panik)
    11. NWA (produced by Panik)
    12. You Donít Know f/Astonish (produced by Panik)
    13. I Came for U (produced by Panik)
    14. Armorgeddon (produced by Jake One)
    15. A Lynched Legacy (produced by Memo)
    16. Bi-Polar (produced by Panik)
    17. Proof (produced by Jake One)

    Possibly Vakill's best album.
    Panik's beats are amazing and Vakill is always on point, lyrically.

    Overall rating: 8.5/10

    If you haven't heard Vakill before I reccomend Worst Fears Confirmed & The Darkest Cloud.
    He reminds of Ras Kass So, if you like Ras Kass, you'll like Vakill.

    WTF, my polls never work!
    If an admin reads this, could you please add a poll?
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    fixed the poll for you. i've only listened to half the album on a train ride the other day, but i liked what i heard. great rhymes, dope storytelling, ill beats. might pick it up eventually, but will listen to it soon

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