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Thread: Religions, Cultures, Lifestyles, etc.

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    Default Religions, Cultures, Lifestyles, etc.

    What is today’s problem in our world, people lacking religion or supernatural knowledge?

    I attend a Christian high school, and it seems that every time the teacher mentions or the class a word about a different culture/religion it seems that when she replies she makes Christianity seem like the only way to live on earth and bashes all of the other cultures/religions on the side, one day the class had a discussion about the Christian religion and the question that she asked me and the class mates is why are they so many people that are not Christian. The rest dose not matter due to the fact that I cannot have a conversation about this in class because people are in a total different state of mind as I am.

    But the simple question is WHY religions are put here on this planet “earth”?
    Each religion has one path to follow and that path is to get closer to god, I think that today’s people try to have control over the others but control dose not exist, people do not have the power to directly controlling me, they can through us bribes that would make us fall for this, we go to work, do certain things and get money for it, this is how the system works, keep our minds occupied while they through all of these poisons to us while they get by doing the real crime.

    I am just mentioning this because I see a few people on here that always tend to ask questions about different religions/cultures and lifestyles, the answer is around you grasp the knowledge to the basic understanding form.

    Religion is here so we find out and elevate our minds. Once we master a skill we move on to the next.

    Peace and knowledge

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    Default Re: Religions, Cultures, Lifestyles, etc.

    Well many religions down on other religion because every religion wants to be the stronger religion then the other. I found many religions (this is my opinion and the way I live my life and view the world) a somewhat alike in some ways like some religions have very allike morals and sins, and rules. But all these religions have many things not alike. The most different religion from most religions we have now is buddhism. Now days religion has lost the power it used to have over the human mind. Some ppl still live by the morals and orders of the religion they were raised too, some ppl live life with no morals. Then few ppl live life to there own morals which they somewhat gather from many different religions, myself being one. Alot of religious ppl use religion for excuses, for war and other stuff. Cultures were in some part made by religion, some part by ppl who didn't want to be assosiated with other types of ppl. Cultures are definitly more alive now then religion, because of all things from the past, Ive somewhat made myself a an outcast from all cultures because the same reason I chose to choose my own morals, I like many "cultures" and hate them at the same time I assosiate myself with some but not with all, many cultures are made off of racism (main ones I will not have anything to do with) religion, and style. If you don't understand just PM me and I'll explain it more. And I know many ppl are gunna talk shit about me for this. Seems how many ppl talk shit about me cause im white anyways, I dont care....
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