Here a Germanmc (he is rapping in German, but I like his style)
Morlockk Dilemma - Assiklatsche

and here another one:
MC Shae is an underground MC from Germany. He is rapping in english.
He mentioned a few oldschoolartists in his song 'Save Hip Hop'

other nice tracks: Fake MC's, Hip 2 tha Game, I'm in tha place, Cant hold me down, Hit ur Rapshit - grab ur Mics, Back 2 tha roots... you can find the songs here:

this is also a nice song:
MC Shae - My Name is Shae

I posted this here about Shae, cause I think, he should get more public attention. There arent many good German MC's which spit in english. My Germanfavoritemc's are Rasul (R.I.P.) and MC Shae. I dont mention Raptile, cause he is a whack mc in my mind.

his bio:

Name : MC Shae
Geburtsdatum/Birthday: 15.07.1985/ 07.15.1985
Geburtsort/Birthplace: Osnabrück, Germany
Aufgewachsen/grown-up: USA,Florida / NeuSeeland,Auckland
Rappt seit/rapper since : 9 Jahren/9 years (2001)
Beeinflusst von/his influences : Big L, Smut puddlers, Onyx, Big noyd

his releases:

Alben / Mixtapes

- Devil Nightz (2003) [13 Tracks]
- Insaine (2004) [16 Tracks]
- Rap made me do it (2005) [10 Tracks]
- Imperial (2006) [15 Tracks]
- Pause (2007-2008)
- Tha most Def (2008) [14 Tracks]
- Ain´t a Game 2 me (2009) [8 Tracks]
- Unbelievable (2010) [21 Tracks]

Coming Up :

- Pyroclastic (2011)