Harlem 6 - Mixtape Conquer
1) Chop Shop Theme 2) Started Something 3) Blac Mask 4) Elite 5) Hold Up 6) Most Dangerous 7) King of New York 8) Again 9) East Harlem G.O.O.N.S 10) Blood on my Ice 11) Enemies 12) I Miss My Baby 13) Harlem Anthem (prelude) 14) Harlem Anthem 15) Bac @ It 16) Remain the Same 17) Move 18) Walk Wit' Me
Executive Produced By: The Rza Hosted by The Rza and DJ Diamond
Harlem 6 are Bringing The Ruckus fo sho. Tearing up the Harlem Streets in the aftermath of 9-11 won't be easy, and they got 60 minutes to change the world. The newest addition to the Wu-Tang extended family, Harlem 6 definitely brings it to ya raw! Featuring Black Jesus, Big Deal, A.G.R., Will Power, & Young Man. This shit is straight bangin' and my just bring back the whole Wu Movement.
$ 10.00