As a follow up to his first EP "Passion of Christ ", Christbearer of the West Coast Wu-Tang Killa Beez group Northstar has once again teamed up with the Warcloud's aka Holocaust's producer; the gifted and talented Skarekrow from Da Monsta Mob for a complete project exclusively recorded for the fans entitled "Keep Ya Head Up and Ya Eyes Open".

This album is being released concurrently with Northstar's last album "For Every Will There Is A Way" available for the first time on CD and can be Purchased Here as well.

This album contains 12 tracks, 9 full songs and 3 skits dedicated to the memory of one of Wu-Tang's finest "Ol' Dirty Bastard" produced entirely by Skarekrow with full verbal assault from one of West Coast finest; the almighty Christbearer, a unique lyricist and The RZA's first choice of students.

Deciding to go the indie route Christbearer is putting this project out via his own imprint/label Northsteezar records and will be selling this album exclusively via and any other site that is interested in posting up this link. All orders, sales, and payments will be handled directly by Christbearer and his own staff.

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