Brazen the back-draft, after the math graph your texts
introspective links leave you sunk, a thousand leagues of under the breeze/
leave you stripped of your gear, watch cha fear get a grip of your bars
shift to shivs in the yards, alucard drop back mastering facts given your maps/
checking never left shops rocking with the night shift given the gift
switch the outer limits, given your gimmicks I don't think your too hard to mimic/
grace the cover driven wide woven lone blown smoke up your chimney shoot
battling arcs making sparks laser sharp focus leave quips too quick to snip/
speak on your ship before you fail, fall and get dethrone from your kingdom
clones trying blow up the cipher watch me rifle off multi's
leaving you built to break like a toy I hadn't even begun to deploy/
enjoy your solace, I operate in my own optimal space of college
drawing pens in winds deferring lenses to other scopes when quotes get roped/
time taken made laden ways gamesmen shades form blazing sword
chopping at the bit, splice bars that dictate beats beneath your feet/

this is quick clips, quick quips
spit your shit, then I spit mine
rip lines, taken over time
making everything right