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Thread: Burial Untrue

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    Default Burial Untrue

    If you have not heard this album you need too, it's an experience especially if you were to listen to it after dark in pitch black. The reason for this declarative is because the album "Untrue" is so atmospheric and intense as well as being glitchy in places; that it's just not the same to listen to it in the day time.

    Don't get me wrong I'm listening to it right now haha coz it's one of my personal favorite albums. What I love about the album the most of the originality of it. The fx and samples that are used build up and thicken the atmospheric even more, with the most chilling vocal samples and old vinyl crackles with copious amounts of reverb and delay on them.

    The drum pattern as well is very loose the way the kick comes on the off-beat. Another thing I admire about Burial, is the way he really is dedicated to music and not fame, because at one time only 3 people knew what Burial looked like in real life. He doesn't care about fame, it's all about his raw passion for the art.

    What is everyone else's opinion on the album?
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    Amazing album, I remember the first time I heard it, I finished work at like 3 in the morning and had to walk home, stuck My headphones in and put this album on, there couldn't have possibly being a better scenario in which to listen to the record, gives you such a feeling of isolation, and walking through empty dirty streets in the early hours of the morning with this playing just felt so...right!

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    That's exactly how I feel, walking through London late as night through the urban parts with this on headphones and the music fitting the atmosphere of every shadow you see and tree that gently moves from a late night breeze. Absolutely therapeutic engaging and mind opening all in one.
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    The drums on all of Burial's stuff is great, all the percussion just rolls into itself. As you said, it's perfect listening to this walking home late at night.

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    Excellent album, but nothing compared to his debut. This is a little easier to digest, but his debut took me a long time to get into it.

    "burial" was more minimal and even more drenched n atmosphere than this is, but still, this is an unbelievable album. Anyone who hasn't heard his new 12" this year (street halo, with NYC and stolen dog needs to. The mans a fuckin genius.

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    I don't know if i can separate the two, both are amazing albums to me. Maybe because i got them both at the same time.

    The influence Burial has had on bass music is seminal, nobody has been able to imitate the atmosphere he creates though. He really set the tone for Dubstep becoming multifaceting and more interesting.

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    Yeah, I prefer the first album. Untrue is very awesome, but I do think he overkills it a bit with the vocal loops. Some of it is just too syrupy for my taste and almost comes off sounding like a parody of poppy dance music. But at the same time it still works for some reason... even though it's not my fave I can't really say that I dislike those moments or cringe at them. But he gets it right more often than not.

    I think I just like the lonelier atmosphere of the debut. "Distant Lights," "U Hurt Me," "Broken Home," "Prayer," and "Pirates" are some of my top electronic/dance tunes of all time. I wish he had ended Untrue on a more ominous note, like he did with "Pirates." That track gave me the creeps the first time I listened to it while walking to my car late at night. The outro track made it creepier. Good shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durag View Post
    Excellent album, but nothing compared to his debut.
    An obvious and inane over-exaggeration.

    I don't think I've ever heard someone mirror inner-city 'sounds' like this guy. Southern Comfort IS London Underground, simple as.

    Untrue is just slightly more uptempo and vocal-sample based, still a work of genius - both albums compliment each other great.

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