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Thread: Fur burgers with extra mayo

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    Default Fur burgers with extra mayo

    There is no such thing as news,
    You can ask the pundits to refund it,
    Redundant like the second tower getting bombed,
    Green flagged Fags yelling brown power,
    Until the rubble showers from jet fuel induced flowers,
    Allahu Akbar here goes nothing,
    Fingers choke the mic check like Saddam's thick neck,
    Not noose idiot, I mean the news that's on tv,
    Still ain't new to me I remember reruns of the gulf in '93,
    Speaking of '93 didn't Al Qaeda attack the towers?
    But it went sour,
    Until eight years later with more manpower they devoured twin towers,
    Life blood gushing and no chances without a tourniquet,
    Torture kiddies like Michael Jackson for the thrill of it,
    Corpses in the freezer like a Hoth chilled flow,
    Im fucking cold as ice like the name's Han Solo.

    Sip blood from the penis of a newborn circumcised Jew,
    Until I boot blood from my guts like Hostel Part Two,
    Yes I'm freakier than you because I'm circumcised too,
    Fucking schizoids in the anus, I'm famous cause I'm a maniac,
    Don't panic comrade just cut me some slack,
    Then give me more rope to hang myself,
    This liquor is top shelf,
    So let's toast to better health,
    My words drop from nowhere in particular like my mouths in stealth,
    If they catch me it's going to be like Nuremberg Trials Act III,
    Watch me sell out Nazis to the KGB,
    Then sell my record via MP3,
    It would be difficult in the extreme for you to step to me,
    Name on the charts rose like my dick in your Mommy,
    Shut the fuck up you stupid baby,
    Your mother likes shaft and I've got an HD,
    Huge Dick making smoother hardcore movies,
    Tear up pussy so her blood will stain my sheets,
    Then I'll snuggle in her juices like a beast tee hee,
    I'll be boosting my erection then Skullfuck her in the streets,
    Straight snorting skeet,
    I'm a freak banging 7 gram rocks like Charlie Sheen,
    Until my eyes gleam and I cum on Eileen,
    Then it's back to bumping yay like a Colombian Sheik.
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    Bend a bitch over my knee, rear end her with a poker,
    Get it red hot, dead hot, burn that shit she bled, hot,
    Then I watch her head drop, while she gags on that big cock,
    Trapped like a rat or condemned in a falling stocks,
    Guillotine in free fall no time for prayer, no gods there,
    Last vision on your eyes in your brain gets seared
    Feel the fear, mine is absent,
    I don't preach abstinence,
    Raw like aids blood on my dick to get a bitch hot,
    Cock my forty four high on dust until my dick shot,
    Then I clasp her by the hair and I punch her in teeth,
    Then I fire hollow points when I hear the sound of the police,
    I'm out the back door, in the woods like Africa,
    Like Osama Bin Laden they ain't gonna capure,
    Me easily, world class at hide and seek,
    Just a freak raping geeks and crushing skulls beneath my sneaks,
    I'm fucking energized, like an energizer bunny,
    I'm Pat Bateman meets Hugh Hefner and there ain't nothing funny,
    I'm not sexually frustrated my brains just high on PCP,
    And the spirits of my ancestors demand sacrifice from me,
    So I flee through the streets ducking low, don't make a peep,
    Until I kill a mother fucker and I steal his fucking jeep,
    Then I'm riding on the highway, making good on my escape,
    Then I remember I forgot to return some video tapes,
    Stoned by the vape, did her carpet match her drapes?
    Does it matter that the only way I get laid is date rape?
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