Sticks and stones broke bones
Travelin down a river with no end fill the message
That I send
Manyfaced men
Hunger craivin
Sunbeam fazin
Hell is razin
CHRIST give life like food and drink
What you think will you sink if I shoot will you blink
No cloud sky lite up bringing heat
Stand on your feet get up out your seat clap your hands
For the preacher while he preach no cursing when
I wrote what I spoke hang like rope fresh and so clean
Off of soap I'm dope have nothing but hope
Blow sea as I look through my scope it be a start
And finish to everything praise his name cut pain
Like sanitize stang jesus great the messiah as long
As he live he will never be a liar my pin come with
Bars and scars darkness black like tha tar from a
Child to a man drum guitar keyboard is a band
Making it to heaven is the plan