"genotype cannot exist without the phenotype."
actually it's the opposite way around, if you didn't have a, who knows what you even look like?? lol...would you even exist in a sense?

with regards to the genotype and the phenotype., u must overstand that the genotype is the blueprint for all manifestations of the human body...., and in this case...including the phenotype.

in response to the fruit fly experiment, I have seen it as well. The physical characteristics are all fine and dandy...and all they are is a minor reflection of one of the MANY that the genotype generates.

"But the Phenotype is like a window that shows you what type of genes are housed inside specific organisms. "
actually that is only true to a certain extent., well..actually it can be wrong. The phenotype can actually be very misleading..never think for 1 SECOND of your life..that the physical makeup of a A FACTOR that completely reveals the internal genes within a human.

in reference to black people, you may have a "brown skinned" person..and a "yellow skinned" one. You look at the both of them..and may think for a second or believe it to be true that the "brown skinned" person is in all reality "more black" or has a higher concentration of "blackness" or "black genes" within him or her due to their skin color. This MAY OR MAY NOT BE THE CASE. In fact, that yellow seed GENETICALLY...could be "BLACKER" than the brown seed!!!! And this is DETERMINED BY...looking into the genotype..which does not lie..nor is MISLEADING. So don't fool yourself, looks can be deceiving.., and for the record.., I do know of many the scenario I described above.

only here in america,
people really can't grasp the different ways, shapes, and colours Black people come DIVERSE.....

regardless..Black is Black, all of its phenotypic manifestations related to skin colour....are beautiful to me...., but most importantly..Black is Black.
Original Man (MEN) covered the believe it., and they were all genetically 100% BLACK.

respecting ya thoughts Wamukotax,


SubliminaL tha 7th BorN