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Thread: The devil's work prod.steven milano

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    Exclamation The devil's work prod.steven milano

    The divine design includes mass chaos and mayhem
    some of the best work is done at 3 in the A.M.
    the moonlight is perfect for displaying blood spraying
    bodies laying all over the place , we collect em up
    rearrange the limbs and make soup of the guts
    GUESS WHAT?!?!
    you're next
    chainsaw to the body got the vice grip around your neck
    go ahead and solve the puzzle
    a soul is sacrificed come back and see me in the afterlife
    nothing but TROUBLE
    a roll of the dice
    I'm all inside your head , my knife
    I'm literally playing with your life
    Affiliated with the light
    now how ya like me
    putting up one hell of a fight
    don't intise me
    fuck guns there are no bullets in this clip
    it's all about mind power you stupid bitch
    Bodies in my backyard
    on crosses like scarecrows
    jars full of eyes , fingerless hands and pinky toes
    heads in the microwave set to explode
    flies everywhere , I only feed the ones I know
    there is nothing like the sound of flesh ripping apart
    nothing like the shower of blood from a draining heart
    steel toes to your nose / stomping your skull apart
    fucked over and left for dead alone in the dark
    try to run and you won't make it
    become a corpse on the side of the road bloody and naked
    rotting flesh bonding to the floor in my room
    dimly lit candlelight , spinning bloody hair in my loom
    welcome to my funhouse better known as Satan's tomb
    AKA your demise and unforseen doom



    Big up to Steven Milano and all my favorite horror flicks
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