i'm watching this video and pretending its ahmed

ahmed mahmood rollin' through the hood
servin all the customers up to no good (he sellin pizza nigga)


he loads a game, set on ultra violence
up comes the console to put you in silence
it takes a minute to load up a map
look now ahmeds there packing a gat
at the bottom look this nigga is stern
fuck with ahmed, you gonna get burned
he runs along and grabs a vial
101% health killin niggas in style
he runs to the stairs and pops another nigga
ahmed mahmood going wild with the trigga
style you got none, he grabs a shotgun
just freeze dis-ease, the demon better not run
look at the corpse, he drops down a ledge
theres another enemy, pop off his head
grabbin all the ammo, hittin a switch
i wonder where that goes? son of a bitch
now he opens a door pops the trio in sight
but ahmed watch, niggas on the right
now to the left, 106% health
these niggas aint shit, these niggas aint stealth
now hes in a room with some fucking green acid
niggas on a ledge get they fucking heads smashed in

....you continue the flow!