WTF? Atlantic City Casino Boss Moonlights As Rapper?
Penned by Allen Starbury, Published 08/10/2011

By day, A. Samuels is a 55-year-old casino executive in Atlantic City, but by night, the New Jersey resident in an aspiring rapper. Using the power of Youtube, he's trying to live out his dreams.
According to a recently uploaded clip, Samuels says he's been in the casino biz for 30 years, and declares that he's "Livin De Life." So, what else do you do, besides record a rap song about it?
Aptly titled "Livin De Life," Samuels records a music video the song, and the result is one of the most ridiculous videos we've ever seen. But, it's entertaining to say the least. In it, he flies around in private jets, rides around in a big Benz, smokes cigars, rocks dapper suits, and partakes in every other rapper cliche you can think of.
LMAO is all we can say. What's your take?