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Thread: Today in hip hop history

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    Quote Originally Posted by OntheHorizon View Post
    They really should sticky this thread, might be the only educational material I read all day

    Good lookin on all that stuff True
    fa sho fam. I just fixed all the links so they go directly to the day corresponding with them if you want to hear Chuck D doing his thing.

    Also just to catch up on some dates that were missed
    August 17th OGC released sophomore album M Pire Strikez Back
    they make an error saying No Fear was on that album but it's Chuck so I'll give him a pass, lol

    August 18th, Everlast was born in 1969 http://www.rapstation.com/td/XBHqvk6i

    August 19th, Fat Joe was born in 1970 http://www.rapstation.com/td/fCHqvk6i
    Aug.19th – Fat Joe was born Joseph Antonio Cartagena in The Bronx , New York , on this day in 1970. Joe released his debut album in 1993 called “Represent” on Relativity Records as Fat Joe Tha Gangsta. The album’s lead-off single “Flow Joe” earned him a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song. Joe released his 2nd album in 1995 called “Jealous One’s Envy”.

    The album was produced by D.I.T.C.’s Diamond D. and featured KRS-One as a guest as well as Big Pun who had now joined Joe’s Terror Squad click along with Remy ma , Tony Sunshine , Cuban Link , Triple Seis , Prospect and Armageddon. Big Pun would die tragically from a heart attack in 2000. Joe scored with the hit single “Envy” off the album.

    During this time he was also featured on the remix to the LL Cool J single “I Shot Ya” ,along with Prodigy of Mobb Deep , Foxy Brown and Keith Murray. In 1998 Joe switched labels and went to Atlantic Records and released the hugely successful “Don Cartegena” album. In 2001 Fat Joe released “Jealous One’s Envy”(J.O.S.E.) , not to be confused with Joe’s sophomore album of the same name. The album included a slew of guest appearances from N.O.R.E. , R. Kelly , Busta Rhymes , M.O.P. , Ludacris , Petey Pablo and reggae singer Buju Banton.

    The album was produced by Irv Gotti and spawned the smash-hit “What’s Luv” , featuring Ja Rule and Ashanti. In 2004 , Joe and the Terror Squad scored with the smash-hit anthem “Lean Back” , produced by Scott Storch from their album “True Story”. Joe would release five more albums since then ; 2005’s “All Or Nothing” , 2006’s ”Me , Myself And I” , 2008’s “The Elephant In The Room” , 2009’s “Jealous Ones Envy 2”(J.O.S.E. 2) and 2010’s “The Darkside” – Vol-1. Joe has also been involved in several business enterprises , opening a clothing store called “Halftime” , a barbershop and launching a clothing line called FJ560.

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    Today in 2004, some Madlib history
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    Happy born day to Terminator X


    August 25th – Former Public Enemy d.j. Terminator X. was born Norman Rogers in New York City , on this day in 1966.

    Terminator was originally known as DJ Mellow D. when he joined P.E. in 1986. When I suggested to him that that he change his name , to Terminator X. , he originally was not fond of his new name but it eventually grew on him. Terminator meant that he was as a d.j. , putting an end to all the musical nonsense out there. X. stood for the unknown , as in all the knowledge of self taken from the Original Man and Woman.

    When I was looking to recruit a d.j. for Public Enemy , I was searching for a d.j. along the lines of the late Jam Master Jay , d.j. for Run-DMC. Jam Master Jay rarely ever made a mistake as a concert d.j. and his precision was legendary. Terminator would fit the same mold.

    Terminator was first introduced on a P.E. recording on the closing track of our 1987 debut album “Yo! Bum Rush The Show” on a cut called “Terminator X. Speaks With His Hands”. Terminator was again prominently featured on P.E.’s sophomore set “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” on the tracks “Rebel Without A Pause” and “Terminator X. To The Edge Of Panic”. Terminator’s explosive cuts could be especially heard loud in effect on one of the album’s singles “Night Of the Living Baseheads”.

    The magnus opus of Terminator’s turn-table work however can be best heard on “Fight The Power” off of P.E.’s 3rd album , 1990’s “Fear Of A Black Planet” and the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s 1989 masterpiece picture “Do The Right Thing”. Terminator X. released his debut solo album “Terminator X. And The Valley Of The Jeep Beets” on Def Jam Records. The album was produced by Terminator himself and Public Enemy production team The Bomb Squad. The album was able to feature some of Long Island’s most talented hip-hop artists and spawned the hits “Homey Don’t Play at” by Bonnie N Clyde , “The Blues” by Andreas 13 and the unforgettable “Buck Whylin’” featuring Yours Truly and Sista Souljah.

    Terminator X released his sophomore solo joint in 1994 called “Super Bad” by Terminator X. And The Godfathers Of Threatt”. The album spawned the smash-hit “It all Comes Down To The Money” by Whodini. The album also contained the historical collaboration of M.C. Lyte , Ice-T , Ice Cube and yours truly on the anti censorship anthem “Sticka”. Grandmaster Flash put in an appearance on the album on the track “G-Dam Datt DJ Made My Day”.

    The historical rivalry of The Cold Crush Brothers and The Fantastic Five was revived on the track “Stylewild ‘94”. Hip-Hop inventor Kool DJ Herc was featured on 4 tracks , being the 1st time the hip-hop godfather’s voice was ever heard on record. Terminator recorded 7 albums with P.E. before temporarily retiring to run an ostrich farm in South Carolina.

    Terminator is currently working on a new album called “Judgment Day”. Terminator X. is one of the most respected d.j.’s in hip-hop history, whose creative , explosive style had many calling him the Jimi Hendrix of the turn-tables.
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    Aug.29th – Michael Jackson was born Michael Joseph Jackson in Gary , Indiana , on this day in 1958.

    Aside from being the biggest and most influential entertainer of all time , with a career that needs no introduction , Michael Jackson has had a connection to culture of hip-hop going back to the early 80’s. Performing Billie Jean on the Motown 25th Anniversary television special on NBC , Jackson performed the famed moonwalk dance practiced for years by New York City break-dance crews like The Rock Steady Crew and The New York City Breakers. Over the years Jackson would express his admiration for rap artists like Run-DMC , 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Jackson would also collaborate with hip-hop artists throughout his career like The Notorious B.I.G. , The Black Eyed Peas , Heavy D. , Kris Kross and Shaquille O’neal.

    Michael Jackson in turn also had a major influence in hip-hop , inspiring rap artists like M.C. Hammer , Fat Joe , Dimples D. , Nas , Doug E. Fresh and even Public Enemy. Michael Jackson’s passing in 2009 left a void in entertainment that has not been filled until this day.
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    Aug.30th – Rudy Pardee of The L.A. Dream Team drowned in a freak scuba-diving accident in Catalina , California , on this day in 1998.

    The L.A. Dream Team were one of the front-runners of West-Coast rap and electro hip-hop whose influence would later be heard through groups like J.J. Fad , The Black Eyed Peas and The World Class Wreckin’ Cru which featured a young Dr.Dre.

    After The L.A. Dream Team disbanded in 1989 after their 3rd and last album “Back To Black” , Pardee went to work for Universal as a Business Service Analyst and Projects Manager.
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    Sept.1st – South African m.c. Hip Hop Pantsula releases his 3rd album “O Mang?” on CCP/EMI S.A. Records , on this day in 2003. The album featured the tracks “Danger” , “He Banna” , “On My Own” , “Raise It Up” , “Maxheba” and “Supa Nova” to name a few.
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    Sept.2nd –South Carolina born Young Jeezy released his 3rd album on a major label ; “The Recession” on Def Jam Records , this day in 2008.

    The album featured production by Don Cannon , Drumma Boy and Kanye West.

    “The Recession” contained the hit singles “Put It On” , “Vacation” and “Crazy World”. The album’s biggest surprise however would be Young Jeezy’s collaboration with one time rival Nas on the smash-hit “My President”.
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    the following may be confusing for some but that's because Naughty's original name was Nu Style which they released their first album under

    Sept.3rd – New Jersey’s Naughty By Nature released their self-entitled sophomore album on Tommy Boy Records , on this day in 1991.

    The platinum-selling debut would feature the hit singles “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”(Ghetto Bastard) and the anthem that propelled them to stardom “O.P.P.”

    A reissue of the album featured the hit single “Uptown Anthem” which was featured on the “Juice” soundtrack.

    Treach , the group’s lead vocalist would introduce a fast dancehall/reggae delivery on this album reminiscent of KRS-One’s style on the album “Criminal Minded” by Boogie Down Productions. Treach would cite reggae greats ; Super Cat and Shabba Ranks as influences.
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    Sept.4th – Dj and M.C. Kurtis Mantronic was born Kurtis El Hahleel in Kingston , Jamaica , on this day in 1965.

    His group Mantronix were an influential hip-hop group in the mid 80’s who influenced other groups in hip-hop , new jack swing , house and electronica.

    Their 1985 song “Fresh Is The Word” was an underground hip-hop classic.

    Mantronic released 5 albums over the years with Mantronix and 1 solo album ; “I Sing The Body Electro” on Oxygen Music Works Records.

    Mantronic has been very prolific in techno and house music in recent years , doing production work for Fatboy Slim , The Chemical Brothers , Liberty X , Junior Senior and Kylie Minogue.
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    Sept.5th – LL Cool J releases his 8th album G.O.A.T.” on Def Jam Records , on this day in 2000. The album’s title was an acronym for “Greatest Of All Time” The set included guest appearances by Prodigy of Mobb Deep , DMX , Method , Redman as well as r’n’b singers Carl Thomas , Kelly Price and Case.

    The album peaked at no.1 and featured the hit single “Imagine That” featuring LeShaun.

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    Sept.6th – N.O.R.E. a.k.a. Noreaga was born Victor Santiago Jr. in Queens , New York , on this day in 1976.

    N.O.R.E. was 1st introduced to the hip-hop world as Noreaga in 1996 with his partner in rhyme Capone as Capone-N-Noreaga. He took his name from former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noreaga.

    Capone-N-Noreaga or CNN for short , released their debut album “The War Report” on Penalty Records in 1997. “The War Report” contained the hit-singles ; “Capone Bone” , “Closer” , “T.O.N.Y.”(Top Of New York) , “Illegal Life” and the controversial “L.A. , L.A.”. The album was produced by Tragedy Khadafi , who also was the architect behind the concept of the group.

    In 1998 , Noreaga released his Self-Entitled debut solo album ,changing his stage name to N.O.R.E. in the process. The album was hugely successful, spawning the hit “Superthug” , produced by The Neptunes.

    In 1999 , calling himself Noreaga again , he released is 2nd solo album called “Melvin Flynt – Da Hustler”. Melvin Flynt , an alter-ego for Noreaga , was a combination of Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt and the Oscar-winning Jack Nicholson character ; Melvin Udall in the 1997 Tri-Star Pictures film “As Good as It Gets”.

    In 1999 , Capone-N-Noreaga released their sophomore album as a duo called “The Reunion” on Tommy Boy Records.

    In 2002 , Noreaga released another solo album , this time on Def Jam Records called “God’s Favorite” , which contained the smash-hit “Nothin’”.

    In 2006 N.O.R.E. released the album “N.O.R.E. Y La Familia…Ya Tu Sabe” , which included the huge reggaeton hit “Oye Mi Canto”.

    Since then N.O.R.E. released 2 more solo albums ; 2007’s “Noreality” and 2009’s “S.O.R.E.” as well as 2 more CNN albums ; 2009’s “Channel 10” and 2010’s “The War Report 2”.

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    Foxxy Brown was born today in 1979, singer Macy Gray in 1967 as well

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    Sept.7th – Eazy-E was born Eric Lynn Wright in Compton , California on this day in 1963.

    Eazy-E founded Ruthless Records with long-time rock and roll manager and business partner Jerry Heller in 1987. Ruthless was primarily a label to promote Eazy’s new group N.W.A. , which at the time featured Ice Cube , DJ Yella , Arabian Prince , Dr. Dre and M.C. Ren.

    Ruthless Records however would also release hit records by other artists like J.J. Fad , The D.O.C. and Michel’le.

    But it would be with N.W.A. that Eazy E. would make music history. The group’s sophomore album “Straight Outta Compton” would put the group on the musical map as they would now share the torch of west-coast hip-hop with Ice-T and Too $hort.

    The legendary album would feature the title track which would introduce the group’s neighborhood of Compton to the world as well as depict life and the struggle of Black and Latino People in inner-city Los Angeles. The album also contained the legendary controversial track “F Tha Police” , which caught the attention of both the F.B.I. and The U.S. Secret Service , who both sent letters of disapproval to Ruthless Records.

    The group became legendary and still holds an influence on contemporary hip-hop until this day.

    Eazy-E would release two more successful albums with N.W.A minus Ice Cube and Arabian Prince who both left in 1989 to pursue solo careers respectively.

    Eazy-E also released 5 solo albums between 1988 and 1995 , most notably 1988’s “Eazy-Duz-It” and 1993’s “It’s On”.

    N.W.A. disbanded in 1992 , with Dr. Dre joining Death Row Records as an artist and producer , M.C. Ren pursuing a solo career as well as joining The Nation Of Islam and DJ Yella becoming a director and producer in the adult film industry.

    Eazy would continue to run Ruthless Records , which by now had quite a lucrative catalogue.

    Eazy- E died from complications of the AIDS virus on Mar.26th 1995 at age 31. His death would be a catalyst for awareness of HIV and AIDS in the hip-hop world.

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    Sept.9th – M.C. Shan was born Shawn Moltke in Queens , New York , on this day in 1965.

    M.C Shan , who grew up in the Queensbridge Housing Projects in Queens , New York , released his 1st single in 1985 on MCA Records called “Feed The World”.

    Soon after , Shan switched labels to Cold Chillin’ Records and joined his cousin Marley Marl’s Juice Crew All-Stars.

    Shan released a few singles on Cold Chillin’ before putting out his debut album “Down By Law” in 1987. “Down By Law” contained the legendary track “The Bridge” an ode to the Queens neighborhood Shan grew up in , which would spark the musical feud with Boogie Down Productions who represented the South Bronx.

    Shan would release 2 more albums on Cold Chillin’ ; 1988’s “Born To Be Wild” and 1990’s “Play It Again Shan” before turning his attention to producing. Most notably among the records Shan produced was Canadian reggae singer Snow’s smash-hit “Informer”.

    M.C. Shan remade “The Bridge” on Nas’s 2000 compilation “QB’s Finest” , renaming it “Da Bridge 2001”.

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    Kane born the day after Shan, funny how that works sometimes

    Sept.10th – Big Daddy Kane was born Antonio Monterio Hardy in Brooklyn , New York on this day in 1968.

    Kane signed with Marley Marl’s Cold Chillin’ Records in 1987. Kane also joined Marl’s Juice Crew collective as well , which featured Biz Markie , Roxanne Shante , Kool G. Rap , Grand Daddy I.U. , TJ Swan , Masta Ace , Intelligent Hoodlum a.k.a. Tragedy Khadafi and Craig G..

    Kane released his classic 1st single “Raw” the same year and his debut solo album followed in 1988 called “Long Live The Kane”. The album spawned the hits “I’ll Take You There” and the classic “Ain’t No Half Steppin’”.

    Kane’s smooth lyrical style and debonair fashion sense quickly earned him the reputation as the Billy Dee Williams of rap. Kane also became one of the earliest rappers to incorporate the 5% teachings into his lyrics. His faster than average vocal delivery style also made Kane unique and started a new vocal trend that would influence future m.c.’s like Treach of Naughty By Nature and Twista.

    Kane’s sophomore set “It’s A Big Daddy Thing” was released in 1989 and produced more hits like “Smooth Operator” and the Teddy Riley produced “I Get The Job Done”.

    Kane also had one of the most memorable verses on the classic Juice Crew posse cut “The Symphony”.

    In the early 90’s Kane would have Jay-Z join him onstage during his tour , while he changed his on-stage outfits. These would be some the earliest public performances by Jay-Z.

    Kane has released 7 albums to date as well as collaborating with the likes of Patti Labelle , 2Pac , M.C. Hammer , Danny Boy , Jurassic 5 , Morcheeba , The Game and Busta Rhymes.

    Kane also became the 1st rapper to pose for Playgirl when he did a pictorial for the magazine in the early 90’s. Kane also posed for Madonna’s 1992 book “Sex”.

    Kane has also appeared in the films “Meteor Man” , “Just Another Day” and had a memorable role in Mario Van Peebles 1993 Black western “Posse” as Father Time”.

    In 2005 , Kane was honored during the VH1-Hip-Hop Honors with T.I. , Black Thought and Common performing some his classics before Kane himself took to the stage for a performance with his long-time dancers Scoob and Scrap.

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