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Thread: who has more mental dystrophy? CeitedMofo or Angry!

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    Default who has more mental dystrophy? CeitedMofo or Angry!

    CeitedMofo the mind masturbated
    Angry! the hypertensive cerebral

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    They could compete to see who brings in the most obese girl with Janet Reno face

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    them both have mental issues
    thats sure
    i think ceitedfag wins though

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    ...well i would actually date angry(angry is a woman right....like that's ever stopped me)
    so clearly Angry is more insane,..ceited is just stupid...there no other word to describe him

    * OK that's not entirely true..i can think of thousand of words to describe him..no a single good one in the bunch

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    This thread should've been a poll.

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    ^ i forget about the poll im updatin every vote
    ceited 2
    angry 2

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    pretty clear to me one is a closet homo and the other doesn't have a father to love him.

    who is who you decide.
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    Are you fucking happy now?! I can't believe I have to post a picture of my shit in order to shut you faggots up! And this is me!

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