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Thread: great critique on Tribe Called Quest movie

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    Default great critique on Tribe Called Quest movie

    Jared Ball went in, check the audio and tell me what was not true cause I couldn't find anything

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    I saw the screener leak before it hit the big theaters.

    It's kinda hard to put together a decent movie when Q and Phife still have so much animosity towards one another. No matter how big the budget or who you got to direct --it's gonna flop if these guys are bitter & semi-cooperative. The director definitely seemed to focus way too much on that piece of their history like your article stated.

    This flick definitely seemed amateur in so many ways and was poorly executed IMO. It started off nicely showing their backgrounds, influences, and how Red Alert put them on since he was family but the remainder was nothing but negativity and left you with a bad taste in your mouth.

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    just watched and ^^^ rob is pretty much right. it was a good doc, but think of how many hours they filmed and definitely focussed on the fact that tip and phife basically can't get along.

    Its a shame because on record they have great chemistry, the fact they disagree so much is probably the thread that created so many great records. the doc itself just runs with the idea that tip dragged these guys along for a ride and dumped them when they were no longer of use for him. i don't want to believe it. i just don't.

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    but honestly, phife came off as disgruntled and pissy from the moment they got back together to perform.

    ok. tip said one little comment on stage, and phife turned into a fucking drama queen.

    i think rappaport did a good job. his love for the group was one thing that showed throughout the whole flick. just the fact he got the doc funded is a small miracle in this day & age.
    but he didnt make the situation between them, it just happened while he was shooting his film.
    they seemed semi-cool by the end.

    but hip hop could use a tribe reunion right about now.
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