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Thread: Beats, Barz and Wizardry

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    Default Beats, Barz and Wizardry

    Chef checking deck reckless when I am in effect
    chin check bars never a rep I didn't respect as long as you don't diss
    I won't have you shitting your pants when I rip flows cuz I am the demon in the flesh/
    hated faded by the betrayal they lay laws I lay raw ripping bars down dusted
    musket busting 1880's carvery spinning break beats in the 80's
    back in the 90's grimy see we so sublime/
    didn't cha know about the grind, the training on the iron-horse
    the dojo, the way we rocking sets leaving them dumb, deaf and blind/
    mind works like a tape grip the blade and slit the reel
    my skills got appeal always arc up the shield is how I never yield to no evil/
    speak your bars, i'm hip hop until I am dead in the grave
    you don't got the grace to erase the head of the tape, erasing the grace of her face/
    what a waste from ciphers to summits we rummaging through the creative cupboards
    trying to bite me, you'll get punished, a pound of flesh is how we address any temptress/

    it's just beats, bars, and wizardry
    it's all beats, rhymes and life
    given life to hip hop
    the intelligent movement
    get cha groove on and improve it
    we moving conviction spitting wisdom
    it's just beats, bars and wizardry

    crash site mind wipe timed tight compacting discs in wrist players
    wicked subterranean Sayers got cha going fast as The Flash/
    given wigs another kids split cha down the line
    mine the wine never and always divine/
    black opal eyes rouge fold told minds I mold
    wise to the unknown when we mixing odds unknown/
    given pathes in chaos got order knocking at my door
    rip it raw flipping it harder than bras being unlatched/
    never jagged edge blessed by the plague while you waging
    i'm never phased by your commercial antics, i'm underground forever/
    so if hip hop should die before I awake from this slumber
    i'm roll up to the radio station and wreck the dj and rip flows in the most illest ways/
    never cater to pop as I continuously rock minds and knock out bars slime
    given the grind projections interconnections i'm always elevating and recommending/
    so you best get cha ipod's, ya mp3 players, your cell phones, you winamp's, your streams
    cuz when chaotically baring best chess piecing the rest never crown me king
    never knight me, never adore me, just notice the flame has never been quneched
    so keep the spirit young and keep injecting soul into her body forever hip hop til I die/

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    Prince Rai


    haha yo, this was awesome again. Lord, your unique style can never be effed with.

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    thank rai

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