The Renaissance

This like them soulfoul oldies, Al Green, Smokey Robinson
lampin, rappers millenium artisans
what it is, Renaissance man if you will
soul controller, stop moving, whole planet stand still
sometimes, gotta sit back see what you facing
relief, when I first learned grace was amazing
used to think, nobody could relate what I've been thru
till realized Eve was the last to sin original....
28 days consellations prize we praise
a month, history deeper than slaves
under....light of Artemis, black Spartacus rise up
forget corporate ladders build my own offices, what
could you tell me, i'm young black insightful
Hoover, COINTELPRO, modes still survival
write...performance pieces
on some El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, by any means shit
can't....respect my rib, its hard these days
moment that we say hi show each other our brainwaves
goodbye......cause our minds aint it
but i still want to cut her, so i skin it, then back to business
verbal symphony Chopin compose score
living legend carve my face out on Mount Rushmore
this is the renaissance

Think he righteous, preachy, I feel ya Common
Whats the difference tween the preacher man tho, and the common…
Man, or con man for that matter
Killers emulating jesus as they cock back hammers
Me, myself and I, so I Self Lord Am Master
Shine… rays is gamma
Hulk, beast, man and god, what you believe
Violent by design, man, we even shoot the breeze
The good, bad , the ugly, peace and the drama
We was born out of pain and love, ask ya mamma
Gotta advance, romance hope, seduce my dreams
Elope, with lady luck hand in hand with money schemes
This that cash rule era…..
Before the physical, assassinate ya character, political killers
Divide and conquer, the plan for Malcolm was monster, clever
“ get yo hands out my pockets” that’ll echo forever
right now we at the eye of storm
Peace tho ready for Israfil to sound the horn