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Thread: Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Timbo King offers up his Top 5 reasons to pick up from babylon

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    Default Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Timbo King offers up his Top 5 reasons to pick up from babylon

    babylon to timbuk2*

    [With the new release of his long-awaited From Babylon to Timbuk 2 debut finally in stores, Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Timbo King offers up his Top 5 reasons to pick up the LP.]

    1. Changed The Game

    The first reason why you should buy this is because it's an audio novel. It's my journey into the music industry also. I've been in the game for 18 years and I've seen a lot and done a lot with a lot of people. It's time for my story. A lot of people heard me on features and soundtracks, but they never heard me on a full LP. They may have caught verses here and hooks there, but not a full album from Timbo King. I got ten songs solo and six features. I feel great about this album. I'm 37 and I'll be 38 at the top of the year. So I feel like I still got a few more records left in me. I want to put out some new artists too. Look for new talent and producers from me.

    2. Last But Not Least

    After the [self titled] Black Market Militia album [in 2005], we decided to come together. We were the first supergroup from the East Coast. Killa Priest, Hell Razah, Khadafi and William Cooper were all in the group. After Militia, we learned about the independent game. So after the album came out, then came all of our albums. I was the last one [to drop] an album. This is really a long time coming. It's very anticipated and a lot of people wanted to hear a full length album from me. It's definitely hip-hop and there's some sense of knowledge in it. There's definitely awareness in it and the album is fun for the people.

    3. Taking All Bookings

    The album cover is pretty [ill]. It's from the book, From Babylon to Timbuktu; we just did the cover from the book and made it the album art. If you go onto Google, you can see what the actual book looks like. But the difference that you're going to see is that I'm in the middle. I have a good [friend] that does all of my graphics and he's actually in charge of my website and multimedia.

    4. Beats By Timbo

    These are my beats. The stuff you might hear on a mixtape is me rapping over beats from somebody else. When I do mixtapes, that's like me doing pushups or laps in swimming. That's really only exercise for artists. So when you hear a real album, you're hearing the real fight, you're hearing the real bout. RZA was the hardest person to get a hold of for this album. He was out in Hong Kong and doing all of these movies so I had to wait for him. The album was done but I wanted to wait for him. I wanted him to rap but he was like, "Nah, you good. I can kick a little chant for you."

    5. Tic Toc, Ya Don't Stop

    This took a while to put together. The album took me two years because I was reading the actual book and I had to make sure I was putting everything together right. I did half of this album in Indianapolis and I did the other half in New York. So I would get some of the features and then there were others that weren't done because some were on tour or dealing with things with their family. So that made me prolong the album until I got the features right. Then I had to go out and get all of the signatures from the artists and make sure the paperwork game was right.

    You Decide. Will you purchase From Babylon to Timbuk2?


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    i got a couple of albums i need to get will be getting this

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    What's his marketing game looking like? Been waiting to hear a full length album from him for a while now. These artists needs more promotion man!

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    album iz dope

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