Patron apron armed laments now you armed
check my charm back from the shepards lair/
doctored actor rocker what's flows
check the cup of joe know my pros be cons with the autobon/
rocking fire on the lawn cap a clam
cheffing up swords a thousand folds/
my molds be previews prefaces wasted cases
baston make a date faded beyond your wake up call's/
it's the fifteen minute bar writer fire light spider
wired off the henny, dro and fixtures spit liquid toxian when I am ripping pages/
wages gambles by how I handle the beats layered in multis
shive a clone blow domes know my floats be coats rocked in the middle of winter/
splinter your incas my mink pens be ink weds
send endings to your editor before I debt collect/
sketch a pet metaphor whore out cha pouring rooms
gaffes germicide rhyme a fly see how wise the sheep be in his sleep/
slumber a thunder told cha the black out states be domino debates
we waging nothing paging asking for something new/
great area circumference abundance my substance be substantial
able to cancel your F-A-C-D didn't know I street fight before 4/

out for more, Iím out for more
what cha score, we got more to come
we're excess check the exodus for substance
you know we're out for more, out for more
out for one more, out for more, out for more
excess check the exodus for substance

Probe the noobs school the youth on how I booth n slay it up
doom delay praise the fated by the way I weighed it out when I waited/
taken a staple made a maple tree cry a breeze in the winds and leaves
feed cha need, this niggarican be creeping deep fishes crashing whips/
eject cha disc from the deck, checking preps missing steps
staggering blooded marries steins folded under pressure/
tempered glass classical mash up dash clicks cluck's it up
musket bust watch me rush those in limbo like 40 acre bimbos/
wrinkle in times wise by grimes know mines, we back slime
get cha pills like centrism, you ain't dental crackers or mack actors/
famed daemon tools making the rules when the free schools the youth
in how to stay sick, black and ripped off the truth when they booth n slay it up/