i like Apollo Brown's music, the Gas Mask album was off the hook no doubt...

but this kinda shit seems shady as fuck to me and i gotta call a spade a spade...

first off, for those that don't know, Apollo Brown was once known as "Cheehf" a member of the Wisemen and learned everything about producing from Bronze Nazareth..
from my interview with Bronze/K7 last year:

Bronze: As far as Apollo Brown, I taught him how to make beats, chop samples, pull out the basslines, etc. I gave him his very first program to make beats with, gave him the cool edit program he still uses to make beats with. I’m pretty sure he made the Gas Mask album with that program. He was once one of the Wisemen, back in the beginnings of Black Day and Wisemen Approaching but some ill things happened and we fell out. We’ve been reconnecting as of late, so look for some records in the future from us. He’s doing his thing and I wish that brother the best of luck. Oh, he did that Waters of Nazareth joint from back before The Great Migration too.
it's funny cuz Apollo Brown never mentions that Bronze taught him everything about producing other than showing in his bio "high school classmate of Bronze Nazareth"

no doubt the dude has taken the lessons and become a really dope producer.... before the Apollo Brown days, he did this classic joint for Kevlaar:

anyways, i wonder if part of their "falling out" was Apollo having a tendency to blatantly bite from his teacher, cuz this shit just don't look good...

check it:

Why Me (Tears) prod by Bronze Nazareth

Hassan Mackey & Apollo Brown - The Note

it's one thing to use the same sample for a beat, happens ALL the time...i remember hearing joints where 4th Disciple used a sample that Rza had previously perfected... but he would make a DIFFERENT beat

they've got similar styles (cuz Bronze showed him the ropes) and it's expected that they'll use the same samples occasionally but Brown takes the same joint and uses the same EXACT bars, essentially making the SAME BEAT with his own drum loop...

i dono, looks pretty shady to me, all things considered