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Thread: "dead man" jonny details production

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    i luv this beat u cats should see dis movie w johnny depp illnesssssssss

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    heres anuvvvaaa ayyo speak to me say its shit if u like...enjoy


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny Details View Post
    nice i lke the first join,t maybe stoned driving through the desert running for your life shit like fuck what we gonna do now after shit just popped off, def sum movie shit tho, second joint too its cool a lil creepy its fuckin different i like all the different element you put in to it, it reminds me of holloween..... trick or treat nigga............................................
    yo you crazy son just when i thought it was over you could of clean that sample up a lil bit tho came through super thick to muddy, but somebody got blamped in that scene defiantly a body
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    Good looks g...apreciated whasgood witchu? Where's ur tracks at? How can I take a listen man hit me back

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