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Thread: How Many Styles Does Ghostface Have? (in your opinion)

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    Default How Many Styles Does Ghostface Have? (in your opinion)

    Ghost has a couple different flows, a couple different styles, but what's so great about him is his ability to sound raw over almost any type of beat: hard, soft, gritty, polished, r&b...

    I look at it like this:

    There's his original Wu-Tang sound, which is Ghost's flow in it's most basic form. He's most telling stories and describing how sick he is. (Protect ya Neck, Can It Be, Bring The Ruckus)

    Then there's his flow through the Wu's first solo's. Ghost takes a giant leap forward with his vocabulary, subject matter, and change of pace. (4th Chamber, Tiger Crane, Verbal Intercourse, Poisonous Darts)

    The only man a ho wait for
    Is the sky-blue Bally kid, in eighty-three, rocked Taylor's
    My Memorex performed tape decks, my own phone sex
    Watch out for Haiti bitches, I heard they throw hex
    Yo, Wu whole platoon is filled with raccoons
    Corner-sitting wine niggas sipping Apple Boone
    This ain't no white cartoon
    Cause I be ducking crazy spades
    The kid hold white shit, like blacks rock ashy legs
    Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet?
    Why did Judas, rat to Romans while Jesus slept? Stand up
    You're out of luck like two dogs stuck
    Iron Man be sipping rum, out of Stanley Cups, unflammable
    Noriega, aiming knives which stay windy in Chicago
    Spine-tingle, mind boggles
    Kangols in rainbow colors, promoters try to hold dough
    Give me mine before Po, wrap you up in so-and-so
    I ran the Dark Ages, Constantine the Great and Henry the Eighth
    Built with Genghis Khan the red suede Wally Don

    On Wu-Forever he comes on some new shit but it's not a different flow, it's in between the evolution from "First Solo Style" to his "Supreme Style".

    Then there's the Supreme flow. Insane metaphors and vague portions of stories told using some deep slang that sounds like it's 50% made up by Ghost. He takes another step towards this style with Oh Donna, then Cobra Clutch, and then premiers what he's been working on with Supreme Clientele. (Nutmeg, Mighty Healthy, Ghost Deini)

    Aiyyo spiced out Calvin Coolidge, loungin with 7 duelers
    The Great Adventures of Slick, lickin with 6 rugers
    Rock those, big boy Bulotti's out of Woodridge
    Porch for the biggest beer, season giraffe ribs
    Rotissiere ropes, hickory scented mint scented glaze
    Perfected find truth within self, let's smoke
    All hail to my hands, 50 thou' appraisal
    Dirty nose with the nasal drip, click flipped on fam
    Dancin with Blanch and them bitches, flickin goose pictures
    Kick down the ace of spades, snatch Jack riches
    Olsive compulsive lies flies with my name on it
    Dick made the cover now count, how many veins on it
    Scooby snack jurassic plastic gas booby trap
    Ten years workin for me, you wanna tap shit?
    Bung bung bung! Your bell went rung rung rung!
    Staple-Land's where the ambulance don't come

    After Supreme comes his W Style. On Supreme he didn't just blast out random words at a mile a minute, he also showed the ability to go in over a soft slow beat, tell a nice story, but at times hit a nice line of syllables to show his newly crafted skill. On "The W" he took what he did over Child's Play then added tricks and different emotions to his words, adding stutters, changing his pitch, harmonies that referenced old school soul or hip-hop tracks... really it's just as impressive as the stuff on Supreme. (I Can't Go To Sleep, Hollow Bones, Jah World.)

    Technique is ill, son, watch how I spill one
    Peace to Biggie, 2Pac, Big L and Big Pun
    Havoc on the streets of Staten, snitches
    House niggas, children watch as they produce the same pattern
    Somebody raped our women, murdered our babies
    Hit us with the cracks and guns in the early 80's
    For those that murdered me shall stand before God
    To fall at the hands of fate, then out comes the rod
    Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back!

    What the fuck is going on? I can't go to sleep
    Feds jumping out their jeeps, I can't go to sleep
    Babies with flies on the cheeks, it's hard to go to sleep
    Ish bowled 2 6's twice, I couldn't go to sleep
    Aiyyo we deep in the stairs, we carry big guns
    B got hit up with the big shit: bam-bam
    Stop at the cheeba spot, then pass the leak spot
    So past y'all niggas again, you took a cheap shot
    Not knowing? Fuckin with me, you get your meat chopped
    You thought we fell on our face? You need to be stopped
    Call on the chariots! Call on an ambulance!
    You better smile, my nigga: you on Candid Cam!
    Gangsta broad, these be the laws, walk with big balls
    Nigga, motherfucking eunuch, I even take which was yours
    I'm the nigga that made you, man
    When your rap wasn't doing well
    I'm the nigga that gave you a hand!

    After The W it seems like Ghost just goes through his different flows to what applies on each song. Sometimes he's hard and angry, sometimes he's laid back telling a detailed story. How would you describe Ghosts catalog? When you listen through his shit how many different styles do you hear?

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    yeah ghost has a different style on all his albums except Big Doe Rehab/Apollo Kids and also Fishscale & More Fish (For obvious reasons), but I agree with you for the most part, thats what i liked about ghost all his styles were different, Pretty toney style was hard mixed with that smooth shit

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    i don't think Ghost really has switched up his style very much since "The Pretty Toney" album, but i agree with the ones you mentioned at the top. good thread

    daily updates: news, articles, reviews, the best compilations on the net. that true skool street hop!

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    Yeh good thread, I find his emotion is incredible in Impossible and Can't go to Sleep, but the styles are different as you say. Ghost is the man

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    I like the Lil Ghost reflections myself. Like in Childs Play and All That I Got Is You

    getting whipped with a belt, humping beds, picking roaches outta cereal boxes, jon jon peeing the bed etc. regular real shit.
    She talked, I listened, She listened I spoke
    We walked arm-in-arm and split a Cherry Coke
    Spit religion and politics, Sega and chess
    Roots and culture, hip-hop, skunk and sess
    She caught me sneakin' peeks at her breasts
    While frontin' name droppin' connects

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    4 I can think of : Aggressive ghost (Brooklyn Zoo II), Smooth Ghost (All that I got is You), Intricate Ghost (Nutmeg), and Trife Ghost (2003-Present lol)
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    I dunno how many styles he got, but I do know that, on wax, he's the best rapper of all time.
    He ain't my favourite rapper by a long shot, not even in the Wu, but his talent is indisputable.

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    my fave ghost album is bulletproof wallets
    Judging Saints and Angels.

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    Ghost definitely got the best styles, most styles, ever....he can do whatever...but what I think seperates him from others who try to "branch out" with new/diff. styles is that he can still stay real, no matter wtf he's spittin about or how he's spittin it
    Even on his love songs / Wiz of Poetry youre like..."well, damn, its ghost....-bangs head-"
    But I'd say there's a handful of diff. Ghost "Styles"....and he does em all better than anyone else...other than maybe LL Cool J, and maybe 50.
    Not many rappers can hit that "love" style and still get respect like they did.

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