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Thread: Theodore Unit - 718

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    Default Theodore Unit-718

    Released: 2004

    Tracks & Notes:

    1.GUERILLA HOOD featuring Ghostface
    produced by Cilvaringz

    2.PUNCH IN PUNCH OUT featuring Trife
    produced by Anthony Acid

    3.'88 FREESTYLE featuring Ghostface & Trife

    4.THE DRUMMER featuring Ghostface, Method Man, Streetlife and Trife
    produced by Self

    5.GATZ featuring Shawn Wigs, Ghostface & Solomon Childs
    produced by Anthony Acid

    6.WHO ARE WE? featuring Bone Crusher, Ghostface & Trife
    produced by Dirty Dean

    7.SMITH BROTHERS featuring Ghostface & Trife
    produced by Smith Bros.

    8.MAMA CAN YOU HEAR ME featuring Solomon Childs
    produced by Nexus

    9.PAYCHECKS featuring Ghostface & Trife
    produced by D Prosper co produced by Kdef

    10.WICKED WITH LEAD featuring Ghostface & Trife
    produced by Kdef

    11.DAILY ROUTINE featuring Shawn Wigs
    produced by Emile

    12.RIGHT BACK featuring Trife & Kryme Life
    produced by Anthony Acid

    13.PASS THE MIC featuring Theodore Unit
    produced by Kdef

    14.WORK featuring Solomon Childs
    produced by Skillspinc

    15.IT'S THE UNIT featuring Shawn Wigs, Cappadonna, Kline & Ghostface
    produced by Emile

    16.BE MY GIRL featuring Solomon Childs
    produced by Milestone

    this pretty much carries on where Pretty Tony left off. from what i read, some of these songs were cuts that didn't make that album. Trife really surprised me on here because i didn't pay attention to him before, but after hearing Punch In Punch Out i was converted. some of the songs lag in the middle but it still has some bangers!

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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    Yeah for sure, this is a dope album. Look out for Solomon Childs, that emcee got the potential for a solo effort. The production on this album is actually real dope especially tracks like Guerilla Hood, The Drummer, Pass The Mic, Wicked with lead, Mama Can you hear Me, basically there are some real good tracks here. This album is an 8 or 7.5 out of ten IMO.

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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    it was alright
    but solomon came hard

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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    aight album, some hot tracks on there but some weak ones to, not really feeling sean wiggs alot. don't really like how ghost sounds on this album but trife comes with some nic verses.


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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    this was a dope album thou like punch in,punch out, guerrila hood, pass the mic, it's the unit ish cappa was on there more thou

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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    ok album some decent tracks i say 6.8/10

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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    cappas verse on its the unit is bangin!!

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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    Ok album, production didn't seem the greatest. I'm just waitin' for Solomon Childs solo joint. Number 8 and 14 the best joints on that CD.

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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    yo i ain't gotta spit nothin too complex,i just rep fo my hood & it sounds correct itz mike checka don in the place ta be...you know the song.9/10 peace

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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    ya cappa comes correct on this is the unit...

    ghost comes correct as fuck on Guerilla whatever the song is...so does Cilva on the production...i really didn't know that was cilvaringz...dece beat...

    solomon childs takes 2nd place behind trife, ghost and cappa...

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    Default Re: Theodore Unit-718

    The album just didnt really do it for me...it could have been way better. A couple of tracks were good with "Guerilla Hood" being the best track.

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    Pass the Mic.......Ghostface's verse is NUUUUTS

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    1.Guerilla Hood - 5/5
    2.Punch In Punch Out - 4.5/5
    3.88 Freestyle - 5/5
    4.The Drummer - 4.5/5
    5.Gatz - 4/5
    6.Who Are We? - 5/5
    7.Smith Brothers - 4.5/5
    8.Mama Can You Hear Me - 5/5
    9.Paychecks - 4/5
    10.Wicked With Lead - 4/5
    11.Daily Routine - 4.5/5
    12.Right Back - 5/5
    13.Pass The Mic - 5/5 (DOPE)
    14.Work - 4/5
    15.Its The Unit - 4/5
    16.Be My Girl - 5/5

    Dope drop by T.U. Feeling almost every track, some of them are decent but most are good. Feeling the lyrics, and almost all of the production, some tracks could have been better on the production side though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scientific78
    The album just didnt really do it for me...it could have been way better. A couple of tracks were good with "Guerilla Hood" being the best track.
    My thoughts exactly. Really nothing special. Guerilla Hood would've been much better off on Pretty Toney.

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    this is a dope album, much better than pretty toney and put it on the line
    my fave joints are:
    Guerilla Hood
    Punch In Punch Out
    Pass The Mic
    The Drummer
    but most of all... 'Be My Girl'
    that shit is pure joy to listen to, its just beautiful, and solomon childs should have a career ahead of him, and superb............

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