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Thread: Dark Souls

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    Default Dark Souls

    anyone get it, whast the verdict, its getting good reviews im thinkin about picking it up along with nba 2k12

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    went to my buddys house the other day and he was playn it..he only got it cuz of all the good ratings... it looked aight to me ..wthat caught my eye was these ghost figures that were running around.. he said the ghost images are others online playing it live... and theres these pools of blood on the floor thru out the game and when u stand over'em u see "memory images" of ppl dying on that spot so u get to see how they died..so it helps u on how to beat an enemy/boss..my buddy said it was hard cuz everytime u die every enemy in the game goes up in difficulty....on a positive note he said the longer he plays the more he enjoys it..

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    its a hard ass fuckin game

    but fun, just fuckin hard. its very much like Demon Souls but with a few upgrades

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