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Thread: "an old sleeping bag profile" GZA-Labels

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    Default "an old sleeping bag profile" GZA-Labels

    what exactly does this mean? someone who looks like an old sleeping bag from the side?...

    I know about Sleeping Bag Records and Profile Records, but taking away that, just in terms of the songs narrative, all the other label names are pretty coherent.
    She talked, I listened, She listened I spoke
    We walked arm-in-arm and split a Cherry Coke
    Spit religion and politics, Sega and chess
    Roots and culture, hip-hop, skunk and sess
    She caught me sneakin' peeks at her breasts
    While frontin' name droppin' connects

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    I think he just had a Warcloud moment with that one.

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    naw, Sleeping Bag Records was an old, probably early 80s hip-hop and electro (I think) label. Profile was also a label.

    Whenever you think he's having a ^"Warcloud moment"^ on 'labels' or 'publicity', he's probably referencing a label or magazine that you've never heard of

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