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Thread: Jay Electronica "Call of Duty" ft. Mobb Deep

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    Yeah, this track is weak. Jay Electronica thinks he's a hell of a lot better than he is. Drop a fucking album you cunt, only online fanboys care about your shitty, overhyped singles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theheavens View Post
    Oh shit! article posted today: "The song will not be on Jay's full-length album, and that he wrote and recorded the track in 24 hours, and managed to get Mobb Deep on the track via Twitter."


    "Just heard the news that the Great Zane Lowe will premiere the record in the United Kingdom tonight as ‘The Hottest Record In The World."

    "and this isn’t even a single. or even a song from my album. its just a dope ass beat, with some (extra) dope rhymes from me and 2 of My favorite hip hop artists of all time, who woke up yesterday not even knowing they’d be on a record with me a few hours later."

    soooo....that was a Jay Elec track WITHOUT EVEN TRYING? imagine what the album will sound like. probably like Exhibit C

    Well that explains it to an extent, but when the guy releases such a small amount of music, why is he releasing throwaway shit like this? This track sounds like he isn't trying, in that it sounds pretty bad.

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