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Thread: New beat the feedback is useful check it out!! Thanks

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    Default New beat the feedback is useful check it out!! Thanks

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    i didnt like this one

    i dont know what was going on with the kicks but they were kind of fucked. the chops seem all over the place too.

    i dunno, thats just me. the timing seems off

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    Good looks on the honesty man...I like this 1 tho....r the kicks r distorted again?

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    i like it but i think you added to much distortion it is a lil unbearable to listen to with headphones but i see where you was going with it & i can dig it but i would clean it up a bit, it probably would sound like shit on big club speakers because of the higher frequencies

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    gracias familia...im not the best at mixing tracks down or w music theory..i will continue with an open mind mann

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