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Thread: K.M.D. - Black Bastards

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    If you know a bit about MF Doom's past, you might know that before he was metal face terrorist, he was spittin some as Zev love x. in the group K.M.D. It was his twin brother, him, and some other mc who i can't remember. Album's fucking great. it was held by the record co. in (pretty sure) 1993. because of the title itself and the cartoon black guy being hung on the cover so it want released until 2001 MF released it with his own label. Whats weird about this album is that it was released so long after dooms brother died gettin hit by a car. Not one track is wack and flows are crazy good, classic beats. Crazy nice to bump in the car too. Search youtube for plumskinzz, my fav. track from the album. dope. You wont be dissapointed best like 8 dollars i ever spent on amazon.


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    This is a classic album, one of my favorites of all time

    Where do other people rank this album? I think its as good as Midnight Marauders, 6 Feet Deep, Hard To Earn or anything else out at the time.

    Zev Luv (Doom) killed this shit and Subroc was great too.

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