This guy is the best lyricist in the UK, both his albums are amazing, I know most americans may have a hard time understanding lyrics but I advise you guys give this a try cause its truly amazing.

"I met a lady filled with time built wisdom,
I asked her hows tricks in your house of bricks,
I lived by what she told me
the lonely are the ones with the power
as in denial as it sounds it sticks.
Id rather be a fool with a rhyme than a rhymeless fool,
adultery's compulsory like crime in school,
sing a sad song sing it so sweet it sickens -takes a bad boy to condone these conditions."

"Is the complexity stressin' ye? Has existence made a mess of ye? is life affecting ye so bad you cannot function sexually, well if it is I do believe I might just have the remedy a healthy dose of truth heres some perspective for the rest of ye"

This is a great song about how he evolves form a child in the housing schemes of glasgow to a teenager to an adult and the trials and tribulations if living in poverty in Glasgow

A dark song about a suicide of a young heroin addict and her fathers reaction.

"Once you get pulled intot he grasp of the streets youre powerless to break its hold
you'll end up tapping out or fast asleep,
I sleep fast - cuz cunts are itchin' and scratchin' to catch you nappin'
with so many stabbin's how can you diss any Scottish cat for rappin'
I wish every cunt had the mentality to start adaptin'
said by somebody darker than biblical armed and masked assasins"

"Its about balance the application of common sense and making sure you dont send the fragile people the wrong impression
the cynical, lyrical individual, living miracle, rhythm and ridicule its a ritual, hit the pinnacle, typical biblical spittin criminal, difficult physical until my image is visible."

"I've never fed ye empty notes for a pathetic quote
before im anything else im a messenger of poetic hope
the words I speak are a product of my environment
they live for being violent form here to northen ireland
why aspire to a casket for peace of mind
give it time youll see greener pastures than those you leave behind"