Well, if you have read some of my posts from one week ago, then you would know that I am not in 100% terms with this moverment. If you recall 2009, the green movement was reaching a populist fase. Things become fishy when you walk into a Marriot Hotel and they claim that they are now taking the environment into account when one year ago they were in total denial. Just what kind of tricks were they possibly up to? Did they decide to make a profit out of the green movement since it was becoming so popular? The same applies to this movement, especially when you read that cats like Warren Buffet and Ben Bernanke are acting as financial supporters. Just what do you think is really going on? Check this article out.

Note: I am not against the movement, but I think it is being misguided. These protests have potential, but it could be that this will just be added to the list of popular trends, if you know what I mean.