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Thread: So, you cowardly faggits can now live an extra 70 years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socrates92 View Post
    Overpopulation is gonna be sweet
    No, because unemployment and poverty will not be sweet. Crime, medical insurance, food, and gas WILL GO UP if overpopulation ever occurs.

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    7 billion motherfuckers on the planet, thats just what we need a bunch of old people hanging around and draining the next generations resources. Why can't people leave nature the fuck alone.

    And while we're at it make a law to stop irresponsible fucks having 17 babies. They already have the one baby law in China, although they were way too fucking late with it, its about time the rest of the world did the same.

    The real answer however, is some smoke and mirrors scheme to get the next world war going, its inevitable and imminent.

    Anyway what the fuck do you think you're gonna see in another 70 years that you didn't see in 80, besides your balls actually touching the floor?

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